Offshore Vessel Chartering

We provide the latest DP2 state of the art offshore vessels and DP3 accommodation solutions to support our client’s offshore infrastructure over the full oilfield life cycle. HBA commits to around the clock support services to ensure the efficient exploration, construction, start-up, operations, and maintenance of our clients’ offshore production facilities.

Through our offshore support services business, HBA provides:

  • DP2 IMR (Inspection Maintenance Repair) Multi-purpose support vessels equipped with 150 T AHC crane capacity and ROV’S rated to 3000 m water depth
  • DP2/DP3 Construction vessels equipped with large AHC crane ( up to 400 T) and ROV’s rated to 3000 m water depth
  • DP3 Accommodation vessels/ Floatel equipped with “walk to work” gangway capabilities
  • DP2 AHTS (Anchor Handling Towing Support) vessels rated up to 280 BP
  • DP2 PSV (Platform Supply Vessels) to deliver essential supplies
  • In house engineering and operations teams dedicated to Offshore Installation, upgrade and maintenance projects.
  • Customized barge and pontoons for project specific transport and de-commissioning solutions